Tuesday, January 27, 2015


i dont know but i just feel like i owe everyone an apology.if i ever hurt anyone directly or indirectly with whatever means i really really hope that you can forgive me.if i come across as someone really annoying in my writing or just simply did something that i should not,please forgive me. I will pray that Allah will reward you abundantly for being kind enough to forgive me


gabriel said...


zacky786 said...

Everybody doing mistake.. But not everybody is very2 humble like u..always ask for forgiveness n appologize .. I really like u style :) wish i can be like u.. Keep strong and be strong always .. Allah bless u..

nik idzni dalila said...

Gabriel- i just feel like it..nothing deeper that what it looks like :)

Zacky- i guess saying sorry is hard but it's better than living in guilt :) thanks for those kind words. may Allah bless you too